Keep Me Safe is finally on the market!

Before she learned to fear her husband, Barley—before she was shot and he was killed—Cecile dreamed of living a normal life among the mossy oaks and exotic scenery of her hometown. A whiz in a New Orleans court of law, her husband turned her into an insecure wimp in the real world. To top it off, now a killer stalks her. She can’t imagine where this peril came from or why she’s in such danger. The DEA and US Marshals join forces to keep her safe, but while she’s hidden deep in a village near the bayous of Cajun country, she’s flooded by a danger that catches everyone by surprise. One thing is certain: Death lurks in unexpected places.

HE arranges HER murder…he thinks…but it’s far too late to think again.

He should have been more careful about what he wished for… now it’s too late.